Quantum Health Masterclass



We are the sum of our daily habits & what you are doing on a daily basis is either promoting your health or creating chronic illness.

Join Sarah Kleiner – Quantum Health Coach, Certified Nutrition Coach & ERYT for this interactive class that will help you structure your day & provide you with all the tools to reset your circadian rhythm, reduce inflammation quickly & dramatically improve your sleep so that your body is able to heal, repair & let go of extra weight.

If you have been doing everything “right” with diet & fasting, but you are stuck & still not seeing results with your health, having issues with your mood, sleep & energy levels, this class will help put you on the right track and give you valuable action steps that will help you walk confidently in the direction of long lasting wellness!


  • Optimal morning routines (and how to troubleshoot with work & family)
  • Optimal nutrition to reset hunger levels & create hormonal balance
  • Light routines & how to navigate your day to get the best results for sleep
  • Hydration (why drinking water is not enough)
  • How to optimize a cold environment for optimal healing & weight loss
  • Light therapy & using devices like red light and a sperti D lamp (if desired *by no means required*)
  • Optimal times to wear blue blockers & how to protect your eyes so that you get the best sleep
  • The basics of grounding & how such a simple tool can yield a dramatic decrease in inflammation & how to troubleshoot this based on location


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